Let us ALL give thanks this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, people near and far are reminding themselves what they are thankful for. As no one person is the same, it is evident that their ‘thanks’ aren’t either. Of course families, friends, life and good health may be things that most people are thankful for but what about the things that set us apart from one another? We all dwell here on earth and we also all have individual peculiarities. Why shouldn’t we be able to express them? The media might be to blame, when it comes to PETA that is.

Ok, so I know PETA can be a bit excessive but please check out their new ad: http://ow.ly/KHms  While PETA is known for using extreme methods to make a point (nude women, bloody fur, etc.) in this particular message, there are no inappropriate measures; only the truth. All this family wants to do is share a nice Thanksgiving meal with the ones they love… nothing wrong with that. The little girl gives ‘thanks’ for the factory farms in which our beloved turkeys are raised. She’s only speaking the truth but no one wants to hear that. They just want to eat the damn thing not caring where it comes from or what it went through to get there.

Granted, people are going to eat meat and there’s not too much that can be done about it.. especially around the holidays when meat is a staple. What can be done, however, is educating others about where meat comes from.. the good, the bad and even the ugly. Who knows, maybe people already know about what goes on behind the scenes. Perhaps this is why NBC refused to air the commercial; people don’t need to be reminded of turkey tortures before they chow down. If this is the case, why should meat eaters be spared and not meat free-ers? Where does the media get off delegating what people should or shouldn’t see. Don’t we all deserve to know the truth?

I know my stance but I would like to know yours.. so vote!  As always, comments welcome.


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