Social Media: A Presence is Always Present

I’ve never considered myself to be on the up and up when it comes to technology. With all the new gadgets out there, I find it hard to stay up-to-date. Once I finally get the hang of things something new comes around and I fall behind, yet again. Technological mishaps are pretty common in my house so I have to admit that a lot of the time, I’m not too fond of technology; however, after getting the iphone my view changed.

The iphone is a magnificent creation. Applications for pretty much anything you can think of, copy/pasting, instant updates of e-mail, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. are only a few of its uses. Surprisingly, I have had little trouble with the iphone… until someone stole it. I was pretty upset after I learned my phone was a gonner. I mean, who wouldn’t be? My whole world was in that phone. More than 700 pictures, videos from far away concerts and phone numbers from distant friends were all lost among other things. Of course, these kind of things can be built up again but the elements I had accumulated over quite some time were gone.  Amidst my feeling of doom, I unexpectedly became humbled.

What a great invention the iphone is but it is just that.. a phone. I shouldn’t have been so wrapped up in a phone. I had fun making it my own (I’m not too sure that anyone else has butterfly icons) but I spent way too much time on that thing. Just because a phone goes bye-bye does not mean your world should follow suit. Throughout this whole process, the benefits of social media re-entered my mind.

Social media is about interacting with one another. Presence in the social media world is important not only because you can share and discover current events and happenings but also because you can discover and contact people. I may have lost a phone but I was ever so present in the virtual world. Although  I did get a new phone, I think to myself  “do I really need it?”


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