Social Media Gender Gap

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the Women’s Movement. Aside from equal paying jobs, women and men for the most part share equal rights and opportunities. When it comes to employment, men and women are well on their way to overcoming the gendered norm; however, when it comes to communication, social norms remain the same.

As a society, we generally portray women as being more sociable and interpersonal. After reading this article, which you can find here,, it is no surprise that women are ahead in the social media world. The article talks about the underlying motivation of men and women hence the social sites they choose to join. Of course, age comes in to play but it’s likely that more women are connected with facebook, twitter and myspace because with these sites, they have the option to customize and update profiles in addition to receiving the benefits of networking . Obviously men join these sites as well but as far staying connected and building relationships, women prevail.

Regardless of men and women’s motives to join and perpetuate networks, I think it’s safe to say social media will continue to thrive. Like social media and its growing possibilites, women, too,  are growing in terms of climing up the corporate ladder. With more women prominent in social media, I would hope more jobs will become available within the networks. It is evident gender gaps exist and usually men come out on top but the social media gender gap proves different.. women are actually ahead this time.


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