In the Swing of Things…

Well folks, after a few months of my mother’s nagging, I have officially began the dreadful job search. Luckily, I’m involved with a few organizations that have some excellent networking opportunities so you best believe I’m taking advantage of them. Google is treating me pretty well, too, although I must say that somedays I feel I’m going in circles.

Upon graduating, I can see that finding a legit job can be frustrating but for some reason, I’m not too worried. I’ve been hearing over and over “in the real world,” “once you’re on your own,” “just wait untill you start paying your own bills” and things of the like and to be honest, I’m quite sick of it. Yeah, yeah it is great motivation to get the search going but is the real world really that bad? Maybe I’ve got one big reality check headed my way but as long as I find a gratifying job in a cool city with a nice salary, I should be good to go.

The question is where can I find a job that meets my expectations? As an entry-level employee, I see that beggars can’t be choosers, espcially given the current status of the economy. Hell, maybe I’ll just move to France. Hah, I might as well keep on dreaming about that one. Dreams are worth achieving though. And goals can be reached. The sky is the limit and the view is clear. Thanks to a wonderful public relation’s education, I’ve learned the value of research.. it sucks but it must be done (strategically) in order for me to find the job of my dreams. Of course, I’ll have to hike a few trails to get to the top of that mountain.

Just like my job search at times, circles are found in life as well. As I’m finishing my time here at OSU, my upperclassmen status will be born again leaving nothing but room to grow. I will graduate. I will find a job. I will take another stab at reinventing life… and I couldn’t be more excited.